Rollercoasters!!!  Just can't get enough of them.  The more inversions, the faster go and the higher they climb ... the better. 

This is ironic because I never used to ride them.  At the age of 8 my father forced me onto a wooden roller coaster at Luna Park in Sydney.  Had nightmares all night and swore that I would not ride them ever again.

I kept my promise to myself.  My mother and I would watch my family go onto them and we would go nowhere near them.  Then at the age of 19 I was forced to break my promise.  I was in the Navy and was on my first overseas trip to the West Coast of the USA and Canada.  Went to Disneyland during their 25th Anniversary celebrations and my mates and I joined a line for what looked like a popular ride.

As young adults we didn't need maps and so we did not know what line we joined.  The time marker indicated that it would be over 1.5 hours until we reached the ride.  We ignored the signs that warned us about not riding if you have heart problems, bad backs, suffered from motion sickness (which I did), etc.  Passed the last exit before getting to the ride and then I saw it.  Rollercoaster cars at the station!!!

After a brief period of almost hysteria, my mates said that we could not go half-way round the world and then wait for so long only to back out of riding it.  Well, I rode Space Mountain and loved it.  The next day was Knotts Berry Farm and Montezooma's Revenge, my first inverting rollercoaster.

Thanks go to my old Navy buddies who talked me into it.

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